2017 Annual Report

Dear NomoGaia Supporters,

I’m delighted to present our Annual Report for 2017. The year saw a reshaping of the business and human rights landscape. Uncertainty about US commitments to human rights invigorated discussions about the role of companies towards human rights abroad. NomoGaia was pleased to be a part of that activity. We worked with the Dutch Development Bank (FMO) to better incorporate human rights into its policies. We also worked with European partners to advance the human rights assessment procedures at the European Investment Bank – the world’s largest international financial institution. An effort that promises to have broad-reaching impacts on the business community in the foreseeable future is the establishment of human rights due diligence for the OECD. NomoGaia contributed to this guidance, which is slated for acceptance by OECD members in June 2018.

NomoGaia remains committed to the field-based research that has always differentiated us from other think tanks and research groups in the business and human rights space.  To this end, we invested your generous donations in  rightsholder interviews and fact-finding activities in the Dominican Republic, Nicaragua and Japan in 2017. Our emphasis on supply chain due diligence has deepened as we have developed a fuller understanding of the challenges faced by rightsholders in large corporate value chains.

Thanks for taking the time to read our annual report, and thank you for your ongoing support of our mission.

Dr. Kendyl Salcito
Executive Director

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