2016 Annual Report

Dear NomoGaia Supporters,

Attached please find our 2016 annual report. It chronicles a year of uncertainty in business and human rights. In Europe, investment and development banks have adopted human rights standards and begun investigating the human rights implications of their project loans and equity investments. Transparency laws and anti-trafficking regulations have increased pressure on companies to know and show certain human rights impacts. But the anti-global, populist and nationalist movements apparent in political changes in the US, UK and beyond are clear indicators that business and human rights has not effectively advocated for itself.

NomoGaia has attempted to fight the protectionist and isolationist trends with data and research. We have oriented our findings towards key players in the globalization space: multinational companies with vast supply chains, and international financial institutions with broad reach. We continued to partner with governments, companies, universities and intergovernmental organizations to amplify our voice and advance our work helping companies respect rights.

We thank you for your continued support.


Kendyl Salcito, Executive Director, NomoGaia

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