Annual Report 2014

Annual Report 2014

Dear NomoGaia supporters,

2014 was considered by many to be a turning point in the business and human rights movement. Three years after the UN Guiding Principles were unanimously endorsed, NGOs, governments and companies found common ground in a variety of global and local initiatives. NomoGaia had the opportunity to engage with each of these parties, through workshops, consultations, impact assessments and direct guidance.

We continued to partner with governments, companies, universities and intergovernmental organizations to amplify our voice and advance our work helping companies respect rights.

We piloted a fast-track human rights risk assessment methodology, engaged with the private security sector, and began an extended project to help international financial institutions understand and manage their responsibility to respect human rights.

We remain deeply grateful for your support, and we continue to be committed to providing actionable tools to advance the business and human rights movement.

Kendyl Salcito

Executive Director, NomoGaia

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