Annual Report 2013

Dear NomoGaia supporters,

Today, roughly 80,000 multinational corporations, each averaging 10 foreign affiliates, constitute 11 percent of global GDP. Corporations extract the resources used to construct cities. They manufacture the goods we purchase in daily life. Often, they finance the development of roads, power lines and infrastructure that grow economies.

The economic power of business institutions has been used both constructively and destructively. In the worst cases, it has weakened local livelihoods, disempowered civil advocates and fomented violence. However, it is increasingly clear that human rights violations are bad for business. Businesses can profit and rightsholders can benefit when operations are run with respect for human rights.

However, tools are in short supply for companies to understand how to interact beneficially with local communities. NomoGaia is helping businesses, governments and civil society to more effectively work to the benefit of human rights through a variety of initiatives including assessment, outreach and publication. In 2013, we capitalized on our position as the global leader in human rights impact assessment by reaching out to these parties.

NomoGaia partnered with governments, companies, universities and intergovernmental organizations to amplify our voice and advance our work helping companies respect rights. We broke new ground in longitudinal methods for assessing corporate impacts. We published articles in peer reviewed journals. Our tools are being used by companies and firms, contributing to better business practices. This work would not be possible without you, and we thank you for your continued support,

Kendyl Salcito
Executive Director, NomoGaia

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