Annual Report 2012

Dear NomoGaia Supporters,

We are so grateful for your support in 2012 and so excited for the coming year. This year we achieved a great deal, in the field, in collaboration with industry associations and in support of international organizations.

NomoGaia  made two separate presentations to the World Bank, clarifying methodologies for human rights impact assessment to policymakers and practitioners.

We provided guidance to 77 of the world’s largest banks on human rights respect and due diligence, collaborating with the Task Force on human rights. We were also formally invited to contribute to the oil industry’s understanding of human rights and its human rights due diligence procedures through the International Petroleum Industry Environmental Conservation Association. The far-reaching impacts of this work is already visible in policy statements by member companies.

To better understand our impact and the spread of human rights awareness in the corporate sector, we have begun tracking the development of human rights policies in a database. Our analysis of banks, oil and gas companies, and mining enterprises will be expanded to include tech companies, food and beverage purveyors and apparel companies in 2013. We have already gained valuable understanding from our initial analysis – much more will come of it in the new year.

In addition to these high-level activities, NomoGaia has remained committed to and focused on field-intensive investigation. We began human rights impact assessments of a jewelry manufacturer in Bolivia and a fish farming operation in Chile in 2012 and continued analyzing the human rights impacts of oil development in Uganda.

Thank you very much for your continued support,

Kendyl Salcito
Executive Director, NomoGaia

Download the complete report at the top of this page. Detailed financial data is available on Nomogaia’s annual form 990 through the IRS.

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