Annual Report 2009

Dear supporters,

2009 was an extremely successful year for Nomogaia. Despite the global economic downturn, Nomogaia not only found funds to complete pipeline projects from 2008, we managed additional, unforeseen growth.

The methodology for Human Rights Impact Assessment (HRIA) that we wrote in 2008 was employed on two east African projects. Through ongoing monitoring we have already witnessed changes in corporate behavior and policy.

Fieldwork in Malawi and Tanzania not only catalyzed change in corporate management; the HIV and gender inequality issues in these gave us firsthand experience with potentially cataclysmic rights issues.

Our HRIA methodology’s success earned the attention of both the International Finance Corporation and the World Bank. In June the World Bank asked Nomogaia to complete three additional assessments, which will be published with the methodology as an HRIA guidebook.

Staff, too, grew this year. Nomogaia now has a full-time paid employee and has benefitted from the help of two dedicated interns. The added manpower has increased our efficiency on both the project and administrative fronts. Our website underwent a significant revamp, we upgraded budgeting technology, and we are now poised for a ramp-up in fundraising efforts.

Now entering the new year and new decade, the projects ahead are as exciting as the ones we have completed. We have commenced two projects in Costa Rica, expanding our global reach and our expertise with agribusiness and mining. We have begun extensive rightsholder engagement on a uranium project in Zambia, which will present a valuable contrast to the Malawian uranium mine that proved so receptive to our recommendations.

The generous support from our donors has enabled us to accomplish a great deal in a short time. We look forward to working just as hard in 2010.

Thank you very much,

Mark Wielga
Founding Director, Nomogaia

Download the complete report at the top of this page. Detailed financial data is available on Nomogaia’s annual form 990 through the IRS.

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