Annual Report 2008

Dear supporters,

2008 was a difficult year to found a nonprofit organization, particularly one engaged in work with the mining industry. Months after our incorporation the global economy crashed, halting mining projects, eliminating credit, and pulling several mining companies into bankruptcy, not to mention significantly restricting availability of funds for new startup nonprofits.

Despite these difficulties, Nomogaia thrived. Interest in human rights impacts grew, and we were poised to fill the corporate need to understand human rights.

Operating on the generous financial and in-kind contributions of our supporters Nomogaia created    the world’s first-ever  publicly  available  methodology

for Human Rights Impact Assessment (HRIA). This accomplishment poised us to begin conducting assessments on corporations, and our first HRIA, located in Indonesia, was in review stages at the end of the year. We also secured two additional HRIA projects, in Tanzania and Malawi.

With the completion of three HRIAs slated for late fiscal-2009 and additional corporate human rights work on the horizon, we are sincerely looking forward to the work we have ahead of us next year. In addition to conducting HRIAs and honing our methodology, we have also been asked to present at the World Bank’s Extractive Industries Week. This exposure poises us to become the leading organization both conducting HRIAs and providing valuable information on how, when, where, and why to conduct them.

Our first year has been an exciting education on the necessity and value of a coherent corporate policy for foreseeing and addressing impacts on human rights. We are grateful for all the support we have had to date, and  we plan to show our supporters the impacts we  have on human rights next year as our Methodology is employed.

Thank you very much,

Mark Wielga
Founding Director, Nomogaia

Download the complete report at the top of this page. Detailed financial data is available on Nomogaia’s annual form 990 through the IRS.

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