World Bank in Burma: What’s at Stake?

[nomogaia_download year=”2014″ month=”08″ file_name=”Human-Rights-Risk-Assessment-DRAFT-Thaton-WB.pdf”] Download the HRRA file (2MB)[/nomogaia_download]

In June we started fieldwork on a human rights risk assessment of a World Bank funded power plant project in Mon State, Myanmar. The new power plant will double the electrical output of the power plant without increasing emissions. As project documents note, “Thaton’s plant is more dangerous than other plants, and is in need of urgent improvement to meet international safety regulations.” There is a clear need to modernize Maynmar’s electricity infrastructure, and, done right, Thaton is a useful place to start.

However, there are also significant risks associated with carrying out development projects in a region that endured 60 years of active conflict, ending in a shaky peace agreement in 2012.

NomoGaia is assessing the human rights risks associated with Thaton, with the aim of empowering the World Bank to manage and eliminate them.

Our first-phase assessment is available here.

Human Rights Risk Assessment – DRAFT – Thaton – WB

The World Bank’s response, from June 2015 is available here.

WB response to NOMOGAIA

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